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    EMail2OneDrive is a tool for outsourcing email attachments to OneDrive for Business in Microsoft Office 365™

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EMail2OneDrive is a tool for cleaning up Exchange mailboxes and outsource E-Mail attachments in the cloud.
The automated Outsourcing particularly makes sense before migrating large mailboxes into other Exchange systems like Microsoft Office 365™.

Main Features

Cleanup with EMail2OneDrive

EMail2OneDrive is a tool for moving large email attachments from E-Mails in Exchange mailboxes into the respective OneDrive for Business Online storage of each mailbox user.
Before usage the tool can provision the personal OneDrive for Business drive of users within an organization on Microsoft Office 365™.

Reduce Mailbox size

EMail2OneDrive can be used to cleanup Exchange mailboxes and reduce their sizes before migrating them to other email systems or into the cloud.

Works with Exchange and Exchange Online

EMail2OneDrive works with Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Exchange Online and SharePoint Online (Microsoft Office 365™).

How it works

File attachments are downloaded from the user's mailbox and uploaded into the OneDrive for Business cloud space of the mailbox user. In the E-Mail the file attachment is replaced by a hyperlink pointing to the new cloudspace. Users can click the link to open the file and work with it.

Configure limits and mailboxes

Admins define the size limit of attached files and the mailboxes which shall be checked. After the configuration the tool can be executed and runs in Batch-mode and produces logfiles for later analysis.


Absolutely. If errors occured, simply execute the tool again to cleanup all remaining mailbox attachments if they comply with the predefined rules.


Each operation is logged. The logfiles show successful tasks and errors in CSV-files for quick and easy documentation and postprocessing.


Please fill out the form at the end of this website and contact us! We will respond to your inquiry or provide a free demo scenario for you.

Why EMail2OneDrive?

Organizations often have to manage many mailboxes with large sizes. EMail2OneDrive is a very quick and easy way to reduces mailbox sizes dramatically by removing large file attachments. Attached files are outsourced into the Microsoft Office 365™ cloud storage of the corresponding user and replaced by hyperlinks. With that simple mechanism mailbox sizes often shrink by the factor 10 to 100.

Users benefit since they have all their file attachments in one central cloud space and still have the file information in their E-Mails while the file itself is just one click away.

EMail2OneDrive is particulary helpful for Administrators before migrating Exchange mailboxes to Microsoft Office 365™ or into other Exchange systems. On the other hand the tool can be executed on a regular basis as well to keep mailboxes small in size.


EMail2OneDrive is for...

Typical customers of EMail2OneDrive are larger businesses and organizations who need to reorganize, backup or migrate Exchange mailboxes.

There are a lot of scenarios where the usage of EMail2OneDrive makes sense: Before migrations or on a daily basis, EMail2OneDrive reduces mailbox sizes dramatically by outsourcing data to the cloud. The tool is easy-to-use and all operations are logged for postprocessing. Benefit from EMail2OneDrive!

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